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Something was different...
Today I went to work and something was different.

The person sitting next to me was not the same as before. You know how it is... you co-workers never seem to chance like characters in on of those sit-coms you used to enjoy watching when you had absolutely nothing to do.

She had a jump in her step. And when you looked her at the right time you could see rays of sunlight bouncing of here skin as she smiled.

I want some of that.

So we had lunch.

She was happy.

I was too.


First Post: Livejournal Points and Future Topics
Hey guys,

Just writing my first post.

I'm new to livejournal, so I was wondering if there are any pointers. (leave a comment)

I don't have a topic to write about for say, so I just think I will write about my day.

Breakfast. Lunch. Dinner. Going to bed early.,

That's about it for me.

See I don't get out much.

Look forward to writing every day if I can.

Stay tuned. : )

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